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Rabbi Yehudah Landy, shlit'a

The lecture for Sunday May. 30, 6:00 PM Israel time (11:00am EST)
will be given by the renowned Talmid Chacham and historian, Rabbi Yehudah Landy

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The subject for this week's lecture will be
" The Wanderings of the Jewish People in the Sinai Desert "


  2. About Serabit el-Khadem
  3. Development of the alphabet
  4. Explanation about Har Karkom
  5. Har Karkom Official Site
  6. Har Karkom on the Map
  7. Midyan - Saudi Arabia Theory
  8. Midyan - Saudi Arabia Theory - on the map
  9. Sinai Map
  10. Proto-Sinatic Monument
  11. Proto-Sinatic script
  12. Hebrew Sinai Map
  13. Derech Eretz P'lishtim
  14. Stone Altars from Serabit el-Khadem and Har Eival
  15. Marnefteh Stele
  16. Hebrew Map of Sinai
  17. Copper Snake from Timna

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